Taking a Person from Surviving to Thriving 

The power of one is incredible but the power of many is an unstoppable difference. InnerMission is committed to being that difference and helping a city, one need at a time.

Making Vision Become Reality.



Caring Hands:
is a soup kitchen that provides food and community to people in need. Caring Hands has been open every Saturday for the past 20-plus years and is run by dedicated volunteers. We serve a hearty and hot meal to a diverse group of people (40-60 per week), including the homeless, unemployed, working poor, public assistance recipients, elderly and many with health problems and disabilities.

Keystone Communities:

is a housing development organization that seeks to provide affordable housing for individuals and families seeking to become homeowners.  Keystone is currently involved in a 70 unit paired villa and town home project in the inner city of Hammond, IN.

After School Club:  

is a program for children K-5th grade. Our goal is for each student to increase his or her capacity to learn and grow through tutoring, mentoring and life skill training. Each child is in an atmosphere of safety and security through a loving environment. This gives each child a chance to dream and set goals according to what they have been created to be in life!   


is a program to revitalize communities one family at a time, putting truth in action!  Life Mentor Team members make a 4 month to one-year commitment with each family/individual. Our objective is to network them with financial counseling, GED training, job resourcing, affordable housing and family services. The goal is to advance them from surviving to thriving.

Dream Center: 
is a community-orientated crisis center.  Food, clothing and referral services are given to needy individuals and families weekly by a dedicated set of volunteers. We serve diverse group of people (200 families per month), including the homeless, unemployed, working poor, public assistance recipients, elderly and many with health problems and disabilities. 
Community Service Program: 

is designed to bring individuals that have been assigned by the court  or educational institutions into a transformational environment. These individuals help within the facility that houses all our social service programs as well as getting involved in the programs themselves. We find that when people help those who are less fortunate they begin to see there is more to this world than themselves. In helping others we help ourselves.

claude street shelter outside pic
Claude Street Shelter:
offers temporary housing to families in need for 90 days. Each family is assigned a Life Mentor Team Member from Truth-In-Action to work with them from 4 months to a year. They then connect each family with a network of help such as financial counseling, GED training, job and housing resources as well as family services. 
Financial Foundations:
is designed to transform individuals and families who are living pay check to pay check and sometimes not even that! This is a twofold program that offers a quarterly two-day seminar of the basics in financial stability. The second is an in-depth 9-week program that teaches how to achieve financial goals by eliminating debt, saving for the future, and giving each person an opportunity to live a life with financial peace! Over 1 million families have attended this type of program across the nation with proven results.


Dr. J. Calaway
Chairman of the Board 

J. founded InnerMission in 1996 as a community organization to help meet the needs of a city.  He has pastored The Gate for over 22 years and has his Doctorate of Management in Organizational Leadership.

Scott Wells 
Executive Director

Scott serves as the executive director of InnerMission. Scott has 20 plus years of non- profit experience. He is committed to helping people in need become          self-sufficient.

Sandy Koartge
Board Member
Sandy is a lifetime resident of Hammond, IN and community activist. She focuses on neighborhood revitalization through community renewal.
Liz De La Garza
Board Member 
Caring Hands Director

Liz is a Benefit Analyst for Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association. She has a passion to feed those who are hungry and see and see people break the cycle of surviving and move into thriving through our compassion outreach.

Larry Hlista
Board Member
Larry has an MBA and specializes in community housing development.  His passion is to help people find affordable housing and to develop a stable neighborhood for families within the community.
Lidia Santos 

Lidia directs our Dream Center Food Pantry. She is devoted to giving a helping hand to all who received groceries, clothing and hygiene products.

Debbie Wells

Debbie directs our After School Club. This is a  student tutoring program. Her passion is to offer each child a safe, educational, mentoring environment where they can excel in life.

Shannon Scieska

Shannon directs our community service program. His heart beat is to see individuals mindset change by giving back to their community.

Judi Hyvarinen 

Judi coordinates the over all finances of InnerMission. She also hosts financial courses offered to equip individuals and lead them to financial freedom.

Stan Zack 
Stan directs and coordinates our Emergency Shelter. His focus is to help families regain their ability to be self-sustaining, enabling them to find permanent housing and a solid future.
Connecting With Our Community

“The weight of the world was on my shoulders being homeless! It meant everything for us to be in the Claude Street Shelter. It gave us a sense of safety and security!

Johanna Mc Kinney

(Shelter client with a family of 10)

“I work with several social service agencies and I am most impressed with
Claude Street’s professionalism
and genuine care and compassion
for those they serve”.

Aisha M. Chism (City of Hammond)


Thank you!

For helping us bring families from "Surviving to Thriving" by feeding, clothing, tutoring and sheltering those in need for the past 21 years.

This past year we have fed 5,014 individuals through our Soup Kitchen and Food Pantry, we have sheltered over 30 individuals and have 35 children enrolled in our After School Club!

In order to keep on track with our budget needs we need to raise $10,000 by the end of the year! Will you partner with us to transform lives TODAY!

Upon receipt of your donation we will send you a tax receipt for your 2017 giving records.


Current Grants, Foundations, Coorporate and Private Donors

City of Hammond 

Dyke Family DAF Fund

WalMart-Sams Club Foundation
Blue Cross and Blue Shield Assoc.

ECO Services

Panera Bread Company

Rosebud Farms

Strack and Van Til


Walt’s Foods

Abrahamson, Reed and Bilse

Bill and Tracey Haak

Brant Construction

EZ Tymes

Elite Chiropractic & Sports Care

Indiana District Assemblies of God

Indiana Churches -- Many

Iowa Churches – Many

Paun Family Chiropractic

Triple D Enterprises, Inc.

InnerMission Offices
5670 SOHL AVE.

Phone/Fax: 219-933-7013

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Caring Hands Christmas Gift Day!

Thank You for Giving! 
What another successful year!
Because of your help we fed 280 people from our community! We also gave away 150 toys along with hats, gloves and socks
to the children that attended!